Meet the team

Katell Guernic

katellKatell is a graduate in agronomy and technical translation. She worked as a Project Officer at the French Ministry of Agriculture for seven years, and as an agricultural journalist writing articles for national and international publications. Prior to these posts, she started her own science editing and translation company in 1998, specializing in rural development and working particularly closely with the European Association for Information on Local Development. Becoming self-employed once again in 2010 as a translator/writer for environmental science and conservation, working with many French government departments, she co-founded Tamarin in 2015.


Jim Johnson
Jim is a proficient writer and editor with a fifteen year proven track record in scientific and environmental communications. Jim was a plant biotechnologist for five years, embarking on a science writing career in 2001 following the completion of a postgraduate diploma in professional writing. He wrote for life science technology companies such as PANalytical and Abbott Laboratories, before becoming the writer/editor for the information and outreach department of a National Park. He has been a self-employed science writer since 2005, working for a long list of clients from around the world and co-founding Tamarin in 2015.


Dave Garman

Dave is a science graduate with agronomy and farm management experience working in the UK, Spain, and North and South America. He has also spent time as a language teacher tutoring clients from a range of professional backgrounds. Dave is a keen writer and has a particular interest in the natural environment and conservation. “Communicating ideas effectively through writing involves thorough research to develop a feeling for the subject, and then having a real desire to enable others to clearly understand the issue.”


Silvia Villar

silviaSilvia is a trained lawyer and has several years experience advising and editing on Spanish Environmental law. Silvia is also a passionate sportswoman who enjoys outdoor pursuits in the stunning Andalucian countryside. “I have always found languages fascinating and recognize the importance of being able to transfer a message to a different language without losing any meaning and with the original feeling intact.”